Gnarly Waves Ahead: Back Bay Play Body Boards Review

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Yo, surf dudes and dudettes! Maya Summers here to give you the inside scoop on the Back Bay Play Body Boards. These lightweight EPS core boogie boards are the perfect addition to any beach day. With sizes ranging from 26-41 inches, these bad boys are suitable for kids and adults alike. Plus, they come equipped with a wrist leash, so you won't have to worry about losing your board in the gnarly waves.

One of my favorite things about these body boards is their EPS core. This material makes them incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver, even for younger riders. But don't let their lightweight fool you - these boards are still durable and can withstand some serious wave action. Plus, the sleek design and variety of fun colors make them a stylish addition to your beach gear.

These boards are a great fit for anyone looking to up their beach game. They're perfect for beginners, but still offer enough versatility for more experienced riders. And with the wrist leash, parents can feel comfortable letting their kids ride the waves without worrying about losing their board.

Now, let's get into the pro con list:

- Lightweight EPS core for easy maneuverability
- Durable design can withstand strong waves
- Comes with a wrist leash for added safety
- Available in a variety of fun colors
- Suitable for kids and adults

- Some users have reported that the leash can be tricky to attach

In conclusion, the Back Bay Play Body Boards are a must-have for any beach day. With their lightweight EPS core, durable design, and added safety features, they're the perfect addition to your surf gear. Plus, the variety of colors means there's an option for everyone. Overall, I give these boards an 8/10 - they're rad, but the leash attachment can be a bit frustrating.

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