Surf's Up, Ladies! Billabong Womens Spring Fever Long Sleeve 2mm Springsuit

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Are you a surfer girl looking for a new, reliable wetsuit? Look no further than the Billabong Womens Spring Fever Long Sleeve 2mm Springsuit! As a seasoned surfer myself, I was excited to test out this performance-minded suit.

First off, let's talk about the fit. This suit is designed with a boy short cut and a cheeky fit, perfect for those who want a bit of sass in their surfwear. The long sleeves keep you warm on windy days or early morning sessions, while the short cut allows for freedom of movement. And can we talk about the surf trip-inspired prints? So cute!

One feature I really appreciated was the back zipper, which makes getting in and out of the suit a breeze. Plus, the 2mm thickness is just right for warm water surfing.

Overall, I would say this suit is a great fit for intermediate to advanced female surfers who prioritize both style and performance. It's also a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their current wetsuit.

Now, let's break down the pros and cons:

- Boy short cut with cheeky fit
- Long sleeves for added warmth
- Back zipper for easy entry/exit
- Surf trip-inspired prints
- 2mm thickness for warm water surfing

- Price point is on the higher side

Bottom Line: The Billabong Womens Spring Fever Long Sleeve 2mm Springsuit is a stylish and reliable option for female surfers looking to up their game. While the price may be a bit steep for some, the quality and design of the suit make it well worth the investment.

Rating: 8/10

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